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As a brand that has been a dominant figure in the tobacco market for over a century, La Aurora was in need of a brand refresh for their North American market. The brand lacked a unifying message and needed consistency in its overall look and feel. With a rich heritage already established all we had to do was shine a light on their 100+ years of cigar making excellence while also leaning into their Dominican origins. We did this by working closely with the team at Miami Cigar & Company to position the brand under the theme of “Dominican Defined”. This strategy allowed¬† us to highlight key aspects of the brand through print and digital media. The campaign ran in national magazines such as Cigar Aficionado, Cigar & Sprits and Cigar Snob while the digital accompaniment populated the top cigar news and review sites. In addition to the marketing campaign we developed extensions for the brand that would be utilized along with brand ambassadors at events over the coming year.¬†